02 November 2018


Anyone who digs has probably come across these comps, especially if you dig in California. Like a Killed By Death series for oldies, twelve LPs filled with under the radar and/or rarely heard blasts from an era that passed long before most of use were born. The East LA aesthetic makes the series an instant eye catcher, but the contents make East Side Story essential listening - right out of the gate with the bizarre dual drumming on TONY ALLEN's "Nite Owl," Volume 1 lets the listener know that this ain't some boring ass doo-wop comp. SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS, SHIRLEY & LEE, THEE MIDNITERS and the monstrously epic "Thin Line Between Love And Hate" from THE PERSUADERS are just a few of the dozen gems waiting for you on East Side Story, tracks that feel instantly comfortable even on the first listen. Simultaneously suited for sunny afternoon Los Angeles driving and late nite small town creeping, things wrap up with THE PLAYERS "He'll Be Back," as if to remind you that there are eleven more volumes to hunt down. 

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