17 November 2018


How many thousands of time does this demo exist in different forms? ....and how many times have I been stoked to uncover a new one and feel like I'm hearing the sounds for the first time all over again? Raw rehearsal DBeat/crust from 2005 - there's some blasting, and there's a healthy dose of straight shit punk hardcore, and it's raw as fukk. SHITSLICKERS** and DOOM covers, because...well, because of course, that's why. SYSTEM REJECTS list a contact address in Tilton, Illinois. That's somewhere between Champaign and Crawfordsville on US-136, just south of the 74. Close enough to Chicago to know what's up, but still likely just out of reach in terms of any kind of regular participation - and that's the kind of frustration that breeds raging hardcore. Eleven tracks in as many minutes, even (or especially) if you've heard it before, it's time to hear SYSTEM REJECTS again. 

** I'm reminded of a show in Jväskylä on the 2003 ARTIMUS PYLE/SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS tour. There was a lag in the show or a temporary equipment issue or something, and Peter was heckling me to play "Warsystem," but I didn't know three note riff that makes up the entirety of the song. He was disgusted, taught me the song on stage, then reminded me as he rejoined the meager audience "The lyrics go: WARSYSTEM WARSYSTEM WARSYSTEM NOW!" 

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