23 November 2017


In The United States of America, many (most, in fact) will celebrate a thing called "Thanksgiving." What it is that they (we, in this case) are "celebrating" is a subject of much debate, but the line The Man has fed us for generations is that this day commemorates the Native Americans and/or First Nations peoples showing a bunch of dumb ass Europeans how to cook and hunt and shit, saving said dumb ass Europeans from certain death. So, yeah....I mean, we all have regrets. Anyway, this day is traditionally commemorated by overeating and watching sports, most notably a sport called "football," which is somehow different from the most popular organized sport in the world, which is also called football. But it's good to have alternate plans, and today I suggest three North American punk rock acts, all contributors to the "Do It Yourself" subculture through varying eras and decades and scenes, all worthy of attention, and all stupid enough to release one song demonstration cassettes. Think about it, if an entire civilization can make an honest mistake in the interest of helping others, why should underground punk bands be held to a higher standard?

FUCKBOYZ - "Errol Flynn Was A Motherfucker"
Technically not a demo tape, this was likely the master for FUCKBOYZ' contribution to the Napoleon compilation EP, which featured A MINOR FOREST, DRIPPY DRAWERS, ALL YOU CAN EAT, NOT SO HAPPY, POSITIVE GREEN, 40% SALINE SOLUTION, and BABY CARROT. The Bay Area was a pretty sweet place for a while. 

SUNSET BEACH - untitled
I don't know shit about this tape, but who the fuck releases a one song tape that lasts 71 seconds? SUNSET BEACH does (or did), apparently. This screams late '90s/early '00s melodic dirt punk, file alongside STRAY BULLETS or a thousand other bands who manage/d to combine earnest hooks with genuine aggression. Someone want's to tell me more, then I'm all ears.

EYE JAMMY - "Nuklear Beach"
Cheating just a little bit here, but if these hillbillies want to give me a fuckkd up two song cassette with only one damn song on it, then I'm gonna call the fukkn thing a one song demo. Fair? Fair. EYE JAMMY was one of the coolest bands I saw at this year's Everything Is Not OK festival, and the crew that they rolled in with certainly didn't hurt their casual claims of baller status (note to touring bands: always roll with a dozen rockers who know all all of your songs and can sing all of the choruses and dance their asses off - locals will think you are bad ass, and you will therefore feel and play like bad asses, it's a glorious cycle). I guess there's another song meant to be on this tape, but with a track as siq as "Nuklear Beach" I kinda don't even fukkn care...and also they are from Mississippi. 

Thanks.....you are welcome. 


Dk said...

Thank you for the cassongles ...every ...single ...one ...of them.

Anonymous said...

thank YOU for running this blog for so long

never stop the madness