27 November 2017


If you lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late '90s and you paid even a little bit of attention, then you knew LITTLE PRINCESS. Three Japanese exchange students playing ruthless and only vaguely competent grindcore backed by three more women the band had enslaved to serve as dancers/roadies. There were different outfits (made by the band) at each show, and the spectacle of this crew of tiny women rolling in wearing pink dresses and laughing at their own ridiculous jokes that didn't make any sense to anyone else, and then leveling the joint with pure and genuine noise-not-music for twenty minute....well, it was pretty great. The thing was, even though they were presented as a novelty act (the members were from the planet Puchin Pring, and their space ship broke down, stranding them on Planet Earth, and they started a band and released and EP to raise money to fix their space ship and return home to fight the evil Madam Cactus, who was trying to destroy their planet.....so, yeah) with choreographed dances, the lyrics were legitimately serious and the band was legitimately intense to see live.  LITTLE PRINCESS were short lived (I was fortunate to participate in their final show as a guest member), but GERI LIVE! were right on their heels. Most of the same women, this time dressed in black. This time playing with more ferocity. This time they looked evil as shit with Noto serving as an uncompromising frontwoman. This time they were serious and this was no fukkn novelty. Except that...geri means diarrhea, and all of the songs were about shit. "White Lover." "Angry Ass." "Poop Swimming." Finally this crew had honed their craft...and they just sang about poo. And of course we fukkn loved it, because it was fukkn great. They made an EP with a GAUZE ripoff cover, you should probably find it. I seriously miss 1999 sometimes. 


Anonymous said...

thanks, i just LOVE stuff like this (and from that era).

Mr.T said...

I have that Geri Live ep somewhere. I'm gonna have to dig it out. Great post