26 November 2017


How many times have I asked how many times this band existed? I'm talking about the band that was a few years too late, or a few zip codes away from the cool part of town, or a few riffs short of a decent record, or a few cool connections away from anyone caring - even if they were actually good? MAD DRAMA could have been the band I saw at any number of Nightbreak Sunday matinees in the '90s (free snacks, no cover, and bands from noon until bar time...every Sunday. You're fukkn right this Oklahoma boy was there every weekend when I moved here). But no, this demo is from 1999, which means they are a solid half decade behind where they should have been, because San Jose's MAD DRAMA should have been destroying Trocadero monthly free gigs and laying waste to the aforementioned Nightbreak gigs in 1995. Instead, I can imagine that their high energy melodic/metallic punk went largely unnoticed....I mean, until now. MAD DRAMA drops three Mad Creaming tunes on this demo, even if they are tunes that refuse to subgenrecize themselves into any of our predetermined categories. I'm not going to lie and tell you that I want these songs in my life....but somewhere, in some time, they have merit and they deserve recognition. You see, this is why I still have too many tapes. 

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