21 November 2017


A brilliant collection of bedroom minimal techno, electronic ambiance and general chill out sounds from Pedro Keppler (GATTOPARDO) and delivered to the public by Dama De Noite. A Fita Do Pedro Em Ibiza should not be considered a casual listen, instead I suggest letting the monotonous pulses of "Delícia" lull you before "Judeu" slowly fills you with subtle psychedelia. I feel like these two tracks together are the highlight for me, but the entire session is worthy of multiple listens. From ultimate sunrise beach chill ("Ibesad") to bizarro retro synth ("Putão"), Pedro covers a ton of ground without ever straying too far from his base. Excellent recording, excellent release, excellent people. 


spitesmite said...

I fucking love this blog.

Lucas Cabu said...