15 November 2017


Anguished and repulsively heavy sludge from America's Rust Belt, the lost and prolific land of desperations. MOLLUSK are (were?) nothing short of sonic annihilation, nuance/s coming only in the form of short quietudes that are more like a warning than a break....because though you are about to crumble from the weight of what you are already holding, that quiet moment is just MOLLUSK telling you that the universe is about to bury you. 


thousandfolded said...

These guys are awesome, thanks for posting this.

themolluskk said...

dunno if they're still active, but they do have a bandcamp with a name your own price download of "Demos 2011-2013". This gem of a cassette was sold there too, but as is the case with the t-shirt & the CD/Shirt bundle, it's all sold out.

Thank you for this upload. My online handle on most sites is themolluskk, so by default I had to check this out. Absolutely blown by how good this is.