17 November 2017


If you were anywhere the Bay Area in the '90s then you surely heard of Sacramento's LIZARDS, even if you never heard the band. Irreverent and unabashedly FUN punk that sounds timeless when blasted in(to) this millennium....the ten tracks here from their Summer '94 Tour Tape will put a smile on the face of nostalgic visitors and hopefully turn on a few newcomers. What if THE DEAD MILKMEN and pre-Hidden World FUCKED UP and HICKEY morphed into one band? Seriously. 

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Media Hits said...

Oh yes it was that split with Elmer that introduced me to these East Bay sounds.

Then at Extreme Noise in Minneapolis I found their split LP with Nar and also the Horny Mormons/Pounded Clown split LP. Fucking cheap used priced goods cause the the volunteers there mainly like crust or straight edge and thought these were dollar bin fodder.