31 October 2016


You can be "over" the noisy blown out punk thing if you want. Seriously. It's OK. How many times do you really want to hear tuneless bursts of distortion punctuated by high pitched "aaahhh! aaahhh!! aarrgghh!!" instead of choruses. I get it. We all do. I'm just saying though.....you are missing out. These Philadelphia mutants took off the fukkn roof at last spring's Manic Relapse (POLLEN and THE DARK were pretty much worth the entire price of admission), and this tape (released for their trip to the fest) is relentless. Five studio tracks in as many minutes, DBeat riffs struggling to keep up with the perhaps fastest the tupa-tupa I have ever heard. It's textbook, and it's awesome. Raw as fukk rehearsal recording on the flip - just in case you thought I was joking when I said they can deliver the goods live. This band is a monster.

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