30 October 2016


I really liked this band. Listened to their recordings, even had some exchanges with some of them through the (e)mail before I saw them live, so I was quite excited when I saw they were coming to Chicago sometimes in the late '00s. Chicago was 90 miles away, but it was a drive that I made frequently to see or play shows, no big deal....because punk rules. So I went to the show, I think I remember CONDENADA playing as well, but I might be wrong, and I was in a super shitty mood when I got there. Lurked in the corner by myself, tried to not talk to anyone, didn't even say hello to the members of MARGARET THRASHER that I had corresponded with. And then, a few songs into their set, I just left the show and drove home. Whatever had me all depressed seems pretty stupid this morning, because this demo is great and I would really like to have seen this band live...you think life offers do-overs?



Ah, hahaha, I have 3 different Margaret Thrasher's in my files from 3 different parts of the world :) Was a popular band name for a while :)Is there a link for this one ?

the wizard said...

ARGH - Thanks, Mike. Rectified.