08 October 2016


For the discerning random cassette connoisseur, I present you with n accidental cacophony. Recorded at Mission Records sometime in the early 2000s, presumably over what seems to have been a pretty cool mix tape, this IRON LUNG set is preceded and interrupted by several layers occasionally recognizable sound - a few DANIELLE DAX tracks, some oldies, and tortured electro pop bangers from distant lands. The beauty of this organic manipulation is that it is still incredibly listenable, and when the sound gives way to the final few IRON LUNG tracks unhindered they sound extra deadly. It's a complete accident, to be sure, but a compelling one to say the least.  Been sitting on this one for a while...and today seemed like the day. Don't snooze.

1 comment:

kingpossum said...

Sounds like fun. I'm in.