09 October 2016


Fierce and emotive (note the difference between this and emotional) grinding hardcore from Alberta. Pulls no punches, takes no prisoners, gives lots of fucks, leaves nothing on the table. Pure power.

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Blacktooth said...

This shit takes multiple listens to digest... It's a whole bunch of tracks, first of all. Also: There's a lot going on here... #1: I've always wanted to hear D-tuned bass and guitars played at break-neck speed. Kinda like if EYEHATEGOD just did straight-ahead hardcore. It's like coffee and whiskey: you're speeding with the breaks on. #2: wasn't so into the vocals at first, kinda "screamo", but I've got a wide pallet, and I came to terms. This shit is brutal. The Goddess Kali herself would assure a mutual destruction, indeed.