19 October 2016


This band must have existed in every town that had even the slightest hint of an alternative scene in the early '90s. Equal parts melodic alternative rock and rehashed late '80s US punk, these are the bands who had friends who were sure they were gonna make it, though I dare say that none of them ever did (I can name at least a half dozen from my shithole town). There's a part of "James #1" that is dead on NAKED RAYGUN, but the song has none of the teeth, you get what I mean? But still,m there's a time and a place for this shit, and strangely I still find these scores rather endearing...perhaps the eight of you who bother listening after I basically said the tape is a stinker will find Georgia's MIDGET FARMERS rather endearing too.

And yes, I am aware the that song "Black Girl" is, at best, really stupid but most likely it is just super racist. I'm not making excuses.


Adrián Osorio said...

endearing... not sure
but there are some lil good touches on it.
beer could make this better.
thanks & cheers!

kingpossum said...

Name-checking Naked Raygun can't hurt. I'm in.

John Kieran Paul said...

These guys were fun live - fond and fuzzy memories. Thanks for posting, Robert.