28 October 2016


I've written in passing about this band and this demo previously, but here's the damn thing in the flesh. After our summer tour in 1993, ANCIENT CHINESE PENIS kicked out our vocalist Dave - he was a bit of a boner, and definitely a bummer to be in a band with....and Dan from ILLEGITIMATE SONS OF JACKIE O had recently moved from Tulsa to Norman and expressed interest in joining us on second guitar, so the timing seemed right. Dan added a sincere freak vibe, something we had not been able to properly harness as a band, and we felt like we were starting to come into our own a bit - playing faster, writing better songs, the whole package. We had toured, we had shared stages with actual famous people...we were ready. We probably didn't play more than a dozen shows with Dan, that freak vibe was too fukkn much and I think most of those shows were actually a mess....but this was still my favorite era of the band.  I hadn't heard Al Fresca since I left Oklahoma in 1994, until I visited Tulsa last month and met Dan for the first time in years....(he's still a mutant, but with more grey hair - kinda like me), and I still don't have a copy of the damned cassette (I'm definitely looking - hint, hint). Take a listen...we were trying, man. We failed, in my honest opinion, but we were trying. Dan's leads on the instrumental "Chronic Halitosis" serve as a window into the weirdness that might have ensued if we had stayed active, and Drummer Dan (different Dan entirely) was so fukkn good at super busy freak beats. We re-recorded "4 in 1 Penis Combo" (the title came when we realized that we had written a track that had - gasp - FOUR PARTS) and it sounds kinda cool, "Grafenberg" is a weird and lazy by the numbers hardcore track with mutant vocals and "PMS" stands for "Penis Metal Syndrome"....I mean, we don't sound like anything normal at all, and while that might not have been the point, I am completely happy with the result. 

NOTE: I'm pretty sure that a few of the song titles are mixed up, but I can't imagine that will negatively affect most of you. And the final track, "Never Trust A Girl On Acid" is with Matt on vocals  and is a good window into the version of MULTIPLE CHOICE/FUCKFACE that relocated to San Francisco in '94, even though here it's a mostly different band delivering the goods. You know, in case that is something that you are interested in....

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