25 March 2015


In a weird collision of worlds, I was searching for background on this demo beyond what my old SF buddy could share with me, and I found a post on the still (always) venerable True Punk and Metal blog about the very same demo. That's not really that weird, I suppose, since Nate knows his shit...but turns out ROMPER ROOM REJECTS was Nate's band when he lived in San Francisco nearly 30 years ago, so BOOM! on that one. You can read his description here, or you can believe me when I tell you that this ten song banger is classic late '80s shred. Irreverent, feisty, punk as shit, and unabashedly political while never seeming stodgy or unfun...just like you want a demo to be. 

Worth noting that Nate's demo post has ten songs, but this tape has twelve (and in a slightly different order). Not sure what's up with that...it's one of the many mysteries of the internet. OK, the twelfth song is the theme from The Jetsons, so it's not really a mystery. 

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gloom666 said...

Thanks for posting this! Thanks also for the kind words about it. I indeed did sing on this demo. I had thought the tape was lost forever until sorta recently when a friend of mine was able to save it. That said, we couldn't save all the songs...only ten were still listenable. I can't wait to listen to your version.
Who is your old SF buddy? devon? We had crossed paths back in the 80s and i owe him for getting me back in touch with my best buddy, and band mate zoran. From that I was able to reconnect with the drummer kenny who is in a metal band called cultural warfare these days. Thanks again... Much respect. Nate Wilson.