12 March 2015


I've said it before, but black metal is a tough nut to crack - especially the insular world of underground black metal. Sure, a lot of the sounds are fukkn great (I mean, if that's your jam), but how do you know if these monkeys are discreetly perpetuating some bullshit nazi propaganda and it's sneaking into your earholes via some weird creepy ambient audio mechanism and then you wake up and you walk out of the white power closet? I mean, that shit is scary, right? I don't want to be a nazi - but if these monkeys are good and inserting propaganda into sound then the white noise (no pun intended) that I'm enjoying while I wash dishes at night might actually be indoctrinating me into becoming a holy warrior for the purity of my race. I just wanted to wash the dishes and hear some jams, but there were no lyrics....so is it my fault? See what I mean? Shit is scary. Enter HAAR....as near as I can tell, this act is just some noisy weird sounding black metal influenced lo-fi bedroom madness - "Burning The House Of False Prophets" is as close as the titles get to sketchland, and who likes a false prophet? Not me! So whatever. The label that releases this shit is from somewhere around where I live (I think), and since this shit is shrouded in mystery I figure I might even know the human (at least in passing) and I've maybe even shared their sounds here in the past (oh wait, no I didn't, I wanted to but that COSMIC BREATH shit was racist)...but I looked into Brotherhood Of Light before I posted this HAAR cassette. On a sad note, the label boss appears to have been sick for a while, and hasn't updated their website in over a year. On a much sadder note, this label distributes a shitload of white power, NSBM, RAC and "aryan" garbage from all over the world, so fukk that. And on a hilarious note, I apparently missed the label selling distro materials at a long running anarcho/hippie/weirdo bookstore called Adobe that's just a short jaunt from my house, so it seems like I'm maybe not the only one who finds it hard to determine which noise is white noise....and which noise is white power noise. And it also seems that this purveyor of racist garbage (are you still sick? stop selling nazi shit and get well soon, bro!) doesn't have a non-internet market for their wares so they are (were?) peddling cassettes at a live at in-store appearance (by the aforementioned COSMIC BREATH - see earlier comments on the confusing nature of white noise shit that is also racist) in an independent bookstore located in a gentrified enclave of San Francisco? Life is confusing...anyway - listen if you want, the sounds haven't turned me into a nazi yet, so I think you're safe. Sonically, it's shit-fi as fukk and duplicated like total garbage, which, in some circles, is a compliment.

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