28 March 2015


This is one that probably should have been shared on Escape Is Terminal, but I felt like it was too good to be relegated to the dark alley that a few dozen people visit when they are bored (it's humanity's loss and their gain, of course). I have made no secret of my affinity for noise presented as hardcore, and New York's LIMBS BIN are a perfect example...there is no music, but these blasts of electronics are constructed like short bursts from a primitive grind band, and I imagine the live delivery being similarly intense. These recordings are from a 2012 trip to Israel - one show at an anarchist collective, one in the basement of a bagel shop, and a super heavy field recording from Bil'in, Palestine (heavy, perhaps, because it all sounds so normal). The motivation and presentation of these recordings is both pure and apparent, something that might not come across from simply listening to disjointed sonic eruptions, even the simplest act can be political....and even the smallest gesture can be important. More tracks from the same tour can be found here, along with recordings of Israeli bands that played with LIMBS BIN on their tour....do this, my friends. Do it now.

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