07 March 2015


Who the fukk thinks they can change hardcore like this? This isn't a pogo beat and this isn't a DBeat and this doesn't thrash...so what am I supposed to do with it? Dance? Nah, punk, we came here to look cool and fit in and CACHIMBAZO are all pushing boundaries and making things different and making them swing even though they are still mean as shit. No, I don't know where to put this, so I'm obviously not into this. I do not like things that are different. And "Futuros Sin Barreras" is definitely different, so of course I do not like it...even though it is a slow motion lurch rocks my face off. The internet tells me that this beat is called reggaeton, but I thought that was dance music and therefore not punk - because I like things that are punk. But the riffs are punk and the vocals are just....well, intense and very, very punk. This is why I am confused. Why do punks change things? We've done just fine with those two or three beats for the last thirty some odd years, kinda like AC/DC but with (slightly) different fashion, so why does the best new thing today need to be something that legitimately doesn't sound like everything? That just complicates things, and punks like things that are simple.

CACHIMBAZO is a side project from some of these dudes.
Just A Audial made this for you. You should thank them.


zhollows said...

This is really great! And not just from my perspective as a drummer.

MarsHottentot said...

Can't wait to have it hit my eardrums. Of course one of the big 'problems' with punk is that, by and large, it has become a folk music - trapped in amber to be mined and emulated by youths the world over. As a folk music, it's incredibly important for bands to be as 'authentic' as possible, to allow their young audience to also feel like they are 'authentically punk'.

On the other hand, too often punk with 'new ideas' equals metal with better lyrics. Always fun to hear something that doesn't go there! Ever hear Scumputer's Dance to D-Beat?