03 March 2015


Anyone who's toured Europe has undoubtedly seen APATIA tapes and CDs filling distro boxes, especially as you head east. We were predictably entertained at the title of their 2000 full length 100% Vegetarian Band, and that was probably what made me check the band out in the first place, but I came back from that trip with a few different APATIA tapes that still get regular attention today. Energetic Polish punk that nods at mid '80s UK anarcho (I'm thinking later SUBHUMANS) instead of the two chord UK82 stomp that is (and has been) so often emulated, these tracks were recorded in 1992 many also appear on the Wlka Czy Apatia? CD (also released by Nikt Nic Nie Wie). Light years from brainless hardcore, bands like this remind me how refreshing it can be to listen to bands who are....well, who are light years away from brainless hardcore.

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