13 March 2015


You want to know why I keep doing this? It's tapes like this one. Sent in by a Friend Of The Escape, Maximum Hoosier is two hours of screaming underground punk and hardcore from the state of Indiana. Shit heaps of bands you've never heard of like WEIRD KID, DAISY CUTTER, KAM KAMA, RATSTORM and CLOSET BURNER, a few classics like DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS, JETSONS and GIZMOS, plus CHAOTIC NEUTRAL and ICE NINE - bands that should be familiar to the thinking punk who pays attention. Hardcore, punk, crust - this thing will melt your face and open your eyes at the same time. Fave tracks are from REPELLANTS, ICE NINE, SIDE FX, APACHE DROPOUT, KAKM KAMA, CASQUE and OVERPOWER, but there are 84 tracks in all and clunkers are surprisingly absent, something especially tough to pull off with a regional comp. Absolute top quality mix.

Editing was kinda tough starting around 2/3 of the way through the first side - I might have messed up a couple of tracks. Hey Chris: I definitely enjoyed. Thanks. 


Dk said...

This thing is on fire!! Full of the stuff I tend to like on mixtapes - the maker's personality, good songs rarely/never heard, plus underrated gems all fleshed together through the mix maker's ear. You'll sense how they hear the music they're presenting in the order of the songs they choose. A spirit of repeated plays is also a good quality. I'm rambling, but this is a keeper for a time capsule that'll impress the future ages. My opinion, of course.

Anonymous said...

This tape is on my shelf!Time to get it out and not download anything...yet...
--un-logged-in Harvester

Anonymous said...

Hey hey. You're welcome, i'm glad you enjoyed it (and thanks for the kind words).

All but the last is cut right- supposedly there are 5 tracks on the Overpower demo, you have the last 2 doubled up. That said, i've only listened to it through (often repeatedly).

The first ? was a band called Systematic Overthrow (with the lady's vocals). i can't recall the name for ??, it was Charlie's band after Raw Funeral, it's some sort of japanophile romaji jibberish.

i thought i had some Pukoid or Duress on there, but i probably axed the NWI bands while editing for time (and that Ralph et al were already pretty good at hyping NWI).

Man, now there's a tombstone to the scene roughly 4-5 years ago. Most of the folks that made shit happen have since moved out, on, or (in Ian's case) up. Now that you've taken the bait, i wish i could give you a hook as to what Nate, Adam, Nathalie, Micah or Scott are currently involved in. (i also now happen to be on the other side of the continent)

The nucleus of Stepdads and Full Rainbow moved to Oakland last year and started Lovemoon, i can't tell you much more than the name.

The goombas in the band Chud are have been doing a pretty good job of reinventing the wheel lately.

For the record, if you ever wanted to see a room full of unsuspecting rubes and hilljacks lose their collective shit + destroy the place, Parastic Twin and Barf Blood were the best live.

Keep 'em coming - chris