29 June 2013


Decidedly more advanced than the first demo, Russia's UNBROKEN BONES have become a legitimate force devoid of even the most persnickety qualifier. The dual guitars just shred, and while the approach is pure ripping thrash, the vocals are punk as shit...ok - maybe I don't quite dig the slow part of "Survive" (even though it's more than slightly reminiscent of the cover of BROKEN BONES' "Never Say Die" on the last demo) but goddammit this demo rules hard, and rarely do I like guitar solos as much as I like these. There's not much I want from a demo that I don't get from UNBROKEN BONES.

Cheers as always to Drunk With Power....

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Anonymous said...

the second songs is a blantant rip off in some parts of the chorus and the bridges as well. Still i like it,but i hope they will change in a little more personal way in their sound,otherwise and i hope not they might get sued. Punks these days are such a moneycraving assholes (see crass)