24 June 2013


The cover indicates that this is a memorial cassette for a punk who died far too young, but more information is little more than conjecture and/or hypothesis on my part - except for the sounds. This is raw as shit, but the songs captured on this tape are manic with brilliant guitars buried in the swarm of accidental lo-fi hiss. Think ACME (Japan, one of the earliest Escape posts) for a reference, but these sounds are exponentially less produced even though they are every bit as advanced. If you want non stop studded mania then this is not your lucky day...if you want noisy interesting punk then you are in luck. Curiously, the final track is a proper studio recording that indicates the direction this band would take if given the opportunity and/or budget.  More introspective than the rest of the tracks, but I dare day more interesting...I know I have a lot of words, but this tape is both a mystery and a challenge, so prepare yourself.

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Unknown said...

"a mystery and a challenge"?? man those are my magic words! i'm in!