14 June 2013


CONQUEST FOR DEATH played a show Tuesday night with ANS (who I seriously cannot believe I had never seen until that show) and Bay Area band RULETTA RUSA. The show was cool, but was clouded by discussions I had with Jose and Josh of RR before things got rolling....they just did a short tour in Colombia and it sounded beyond amazing. A flight to Bogota takes about as much time as a flight to New York, yet it seems a world away from here. And then after the show I found myself listening to the tapes I got from them (SECTA SUICIDA and PESADILLA DISTOPIKA will appear here shortly) and scouring the internet for more information about Colombian punk. Was I sleepy at work the next day? Yes. Did I care? No. I picked this tape up from RULETTA RUSA as well, 25 searing cuts of distorted raw punk. The sound quality varies quite a bit throughout, and admittedly some of these tracks are best served as a "this is what they sound like" as opposed to regular listening, but these are the tapes that keep me excited about punk. The feeling I had Tuesday night is probably as close as you can get in this internet age to the feeling of discovery in the earlier days of punk. A friend makes you a tape and a door opens....all you have to do is walk through it.


aboynamedstew said...

The little I know about Columbian punk started with a movie called Rodrigo D: No futuro, which is SUPER interesting but also pretty raw. Definitely recommended, and thanks for everything!

Andrés said...

Hey thanks for upload this tape!! was a hard work.
Ok look, in a start this was a compilation in cd-r with a fanzine: (http://www.mediafire.com/download/2b6bz3cpezlcbxw/DISTORT+COLOMBIA.rar)
and we wanted to this shit will come to other hands in other countries. for this reason we make a edition in tape.
The movie of Rodrigo D no future is a good document, but exist another histories, a true histories about the punk movement in Colombia... like this:
Jose Juan Posada (a person who lived in medellin and miami and played in a different bands)
a good blog with excelent information about the scene.
Another good blog:
And my favorite and old band of Bogota:
A side: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzu1Uk1GBFA
B side: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncCkntKt4c0

gale said...

Colombia, not Columbia!
For more info on Colombian punk -Specially Medellín- one of the first cities in south america to have a punk 'subculture'-, go to http://punk-medallo.blogspot.com/ (medallo as a familiar way to call Medellín)

Some more here :

music not noise said...

There's that terveet kadet logo again, which apparently simply means "hardcore" to punks in south america

The Earslaughterers said...

There are a couple of sound blogs from Colombia (R-Evolution Punk from Bogota comes to mind). The late 80's/early 90's Medellin scene has produced the rawest, most primitive angry punk-rock I have ever heard. Incidentally, the former drummer of Dexkonzierto (a Medellin band from that period) currently lives in Paris and he has been releasing a couple of Colombian punk records, old and new (Infesto and Bastardos Sin Nombre).

On this particular compilation I was most impressed with Doomsday who sound like Hiatus at the top of their game (which is no mean feat you will agree).

I have lived with a Colombian for five years and have been there a couple of times so I guess I have some decent knowledge about that scene (Eutanasia, La Vendetta, Insurgentas, Ingobernables and Krujido are some really good current bands).