21 June 2013


More a document of Berlin weirdos than a compilation per se, Cute Chaos #1 is all over the map and all golden. There's hardcore, ass shaking post punk, oddball sounds from out of left field and total strange noise attack all mixed in with some songs that might pass for D-Punk by way of The Stratosphere. Favorites for this guy are HURE, CAT 'N DUYEN, MAN MEETS BEAR, PARO and Escape veterans ON ON ON, but everything here warrants more attention (well, except one track that I think is a total bummer, but 14/15 is a pretty damn good score). Trim Tab Tapes seem to have the right approach with both this compilation and their label as a whole: "We are not limited to special sound, the music we put out has to be such one thing: super cool." Uh, yeah. Sold.

Also, I fixed a shitload of dead links today. I know there are plenty of broken ones...but I am only one man. Repaired links, as always, can be found at the bottom of the main page. Perhaps your request is there, and if it isn't then please write me again since I tend to procrastinate.

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