19 June 2013


More tapes from bands made up of people I have played in bands with. This two-piece from Milwaukee features the drummer from CONQUEST FOR DEATH (also PEOPLE AGAIN, THE LOVE MOVEMENT, PARTY BY THE SLICE and others) and the guitarist from HIGH ON CRIME (also SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA, PARTY BY THE SLICE, KUNG FU RICK, LUKE SKAWALKER and others) - and the result of their damage is every bit as monumental as you hope it will be. Uncompromising lyrically and musically, it should come as no surprise that two people responsible for such personal and poignant vitriol would also crank out breathless blown out blasts of hardcore. SWING KIDS and DEATHREAT covers along with the members' lineage will give you a pretty good idea of what you're in for here, but LIFES sound even angrier and more focused than you might expect from two happily married and relatively recent fathers...but that's how lifes goes I guess.


zhollows said...

Thanks for the pro-lifes review!

Vill helm said...

Awesome bands names dropped here, and Kung Fu Rick is always fun to listen to.

Speaking of Milwaukee punk, a good zine from their is/was called Free Beer.