12 June 2013


There are qualities in punk that cannot be faked, and nothing will get you outed as a fraud faster than trying. Most of these qualities are difficult to define and often unquantifiable, just as much as they are undeniable. It's the sound of utter desperation (sometimes passion) in the vocals, the off the rails lurch of musicians barely staying inside of the lines and the electricity from a unit firing in complete unison. It doesn't always translate into the most advanced music, but it often results in some of the best. TORTURA are a hardcore punk band, but trying to describe their sound without mentioning these intangibles would be doing them a great disservice. There are only four songs on last year's self titled demo, but the band is searing, focused and true. Spanish language vocals suggest an intensity even greater than the music conveys, and moments of melody (such as "No Entienden") suggest a vision more even more poignant than this short cassette can convey. Don't sleep.


Piit Tii said...

Hey, sorry for bothering you for past uploads, but any chance of reupping "Fairy Tale" tape from PEOPLE

Cigouave said...

I don't know what's up with the lack of comments lately--I assure you that you and TE were missed while you were off doing the rock star thing. And you've had some great stuff since returning, from that incredible Norms tape to this little ripper; I don't know how it's possible, but for some reason Spanish-language never lets me down. Hispanic peoples just make good punk. So thanks for this and all the other great stuff I've gotten from you over the years.

the wizard said...

People cassette re-upped. And thanks for the kind words Ciguave, It's comments like this that keep me at the keyboard.