10 January 2013


I have been putting this one off for ages, waiting until I find a way to give this cassette the credit I think it deserves. But instead I procrastinate and Pennsylvania's X= have just been languishing in the "someday" pile. You know it's something a little special before you even open the thing up; those eye holes in the cover art have bolts through them and the whole thing is packaged with meticulous care. The music is no exception...at the roots this is just hardcore, but their is nothing casual or "just" about the way these sounds are presented. The impact is personal from the outset, nothing about this music is phoned in or thrown together and it shows. Maybe you've heard it before, you just have seldom heard it done this well, from the instantly addictive intro to ""Why Not Now" (which actually brings to mind the start to the NEON PISS debut) to the 45 seconds of stripped down old school USHC of the title track that closes out the tape, X= are smart and serious. 

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