21 January 2013


Bombastic mid tempo punk recorded in a chasm of confusion. It's hard to discern their intent for much of this cassette, but PIG DNA are hiding dark secrets beneath the distortion - flirting with harsh inward metal and self indulgent dark punk with equal efficacy. I received this tape in the mail on the very same day I purchased a copy from Thrillhouse, I am a lucky man.

Terminal Escape is trying a new host today. Feedback is appreciated - I want your time spent here to be as pleasant as possible.


Brian Guy said...

Seems pretty painless to download and downloads quick I'd have to say I like it.


Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

feedback: opendrive dl was a piece of cake. so far so good! -joel

Anonymous said...

thanks for the upload. very easy to download. greetings from athens

Unknown said...

Yep, another vote for opendrive. Super quick and easy, thanks.