07 January 2013


A project band from Albany that played one show and then scattered, NO CHILDREN are better than most outfits who spend painstaking hours perfecting their craft. Throaty vocals (I know who I think they sound like, but the comparison is so far removed from the sound of the band that I fear it would give you the wrong idea so I'll keep it to myself) and insistent punk delivered with raw garage ferocity. People from this band are in other bands that you should like.


Blacktooth said...

What's with the big surge of new knuckle-dragging, pseudo-hate-rawk-sounding acts? Cadaver Dog, Vile Gash, Drug Lust, Skrapyard, Reckless Aggression, No Talk, What's with it, and why can't I get enough of this sound? I don't need shredding solos in my punk rock. Pure aggression works fine on it's own. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

link is down :[ can you re-up or point me in the right direction so i can check out this tape?


the wizard said...