26 January 2013


Legendarily prolific Belgians AGATHOCLES have been cranking out epic bursts of politically fueled grind/hardcore for two decades (and counting). While the quality of their output varies greatly (and they are as famous for regurgitating songs and live recordings as they are for their willingness to do split records with...well, anyone), this 1992 recording is simply outstanding. Distributed on all formats over the years (often released under the title Use Your Anger), this cassette incarnation of 1992 recordings comes from Mexico and shows AGATHOCLES at their more hardcore, less grind finest. Bare bones thrashing with throaty vocals (that keep making me want to listen to INFEST, though never before have I drawn a parallel between those two bands, and I probably never will again). Some live stuff, some studio, all of it excellent.


Cesar Guillermo said...

hey man there's a problem on the download link. i hope you can re-up this one. well, the comparison to infest is far out so i have to check this out. thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy, this link works just fine. So many people skip over Agathocles because they have so many bad records, but the good records are so great!! Thanks!

Cesar Guillermo said...

yeah i am crazy. my bad. i am downloading it now. yeah i've read something they're being criticized for releasing tons of split releases. i've only heard their some kind of "collection" cd from a copy of a friend and i like all the songs on that cd. maybe that proves i am really crazy. hahaha. i can't forget how surprised i was when i saw a photo of their sxe drummer. i thought that was far out. sxe mince core. whatever it is.