15 January 2013


I miss bands like this. Perhaps many of them don't really pack the same punch 15 some odd years later, but I'll take earnest intensity over en vogue posturing and calculated rehashes any damn day. Florida's MONUMENTS TO RUINS released and excellent anarcho-crust EP on Tribal War around the turn of the millennium and a 12" that I have never heard, but this demo predates both...dual vocal mostly mid tempo crust nodding heavily to NAUSEA and in line with contemporaries like CONTRAVENE and ANTI-PRODUCT. Holds up quite nicely, especially tracks like "Ruins."


Anonymous said...

thank you for the lovely review of our cassette demo from ohh so long ago! im stoked anyone still has and still listens to this! if your interested i could send you a copy of the 12" record.
just send me your address!
take care

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for this one, been looking for it.
Great as usual.
I'd love to find a Monuments To Ruins shirt, so if Regina read this, could you, please, tell me if you have some left maybe somewhere.
That would be great.
Thanx a lot.

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to find a Monuments To Ruins shirt, They're my childhood heroes.

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