09 March 2023



Listen to "Hypnotized" a few times. It's so plainly....simple. Formulaic. Typical. Even the guitar break that comes out of nowhere is completely predictable. And it goes so fukkn hard - the power is undeniable and it hits me even harder as a middle aged man than it did when I was in my twenties. RESIST were ubiquitous in the '90s DIY world, so much so that you were never surprised when you came across a new record in a distro (or dollar bin) but maybe you were never excited either, because you knew exactly what was in the grooves. And if you were one of those people (full disclosure: I was) then I urge you to revisit one of the sturdiest examples of USDIY political hardcore. Maybe you know what's coming...but you keep listening because you want what's coming. You want the melodic sixty seconds that closes "Refuge." You want the brutally simple off the rails repetition of "It's A Beautiful Day." You want determined idealism housed in clenched fist black clad alcohol fueled punk. And that's exactly what you get. Draw a line between POISON IDEA and SPAZM 151 and you're going to bisect RESIST. 

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Anonymous said...

maybe not one of the most original hardcore bands. definitely one of the best though!