14 March 2023



I posted a GROSS tapeography that included these five songs a few years ago, but I feel something different when you year them isolated (side note: this is a problem with discographies and collections in general - no way that classic two song 45 sounds as good when the songs are sandwiched onto an LP with a bunch of other should-be-stand-alone bangers...but I digress, it's what I do). GROSS sound like misanthropy. GROSS don't sound angry so much as just disgusted. Done. Like a band who are just finished caring, and the titles drip with sarcasm; "Positive Changes," "It's Better This Way," "There Is So Much Celebration," "Big Changes" and "My Cool Friends" read like subheaders on a detailed termination notice casually tossed on the bedside table by an author who thinks on his way out...I Have Never Felt This Good

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Anonymous said...

holy fuck! so much negativity and bile packed into such a short time! simply delightful. thank you - I'd never discover this if not for your labor of love.