18 March 2023



One of the more legitimately mysterious pieces of USBM, The Starry Wisdom is a clinic in primitive underground dungeon synth. Recorded just a few years after the genre defining Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost (and perhaps not coincidentally not long after MORTIIS played San Francisco at the first Lucifer's Hammer event), ARKHAM HEARSE's sole member Nex creates a murky world shrouded in confusion, each movement an awkward, unsure step into darkness....children's instruments and hallucinogens his only guides. There are stumbles, precisely why this artifact works so well, but there are also pieces like "Wolves In The Walls" and "This Sovereign Sorrow," casual bedroom masterpieces discarded upon creation. This is not a recording you can write off by saying "you had to be there," because it was created in nothingness...and ARKHAM HEARSE will take you to nothingness. A journey presented in eight understated missives. 

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