12 March 2023



If you want to hear some asshole write intelligently about Spanish classical guitar then you are absolutely on the wrong fukkn web page. But if you woke up this Sunday morning and felt like cracking open a cold ass beer and watching the sunrise (or the snow fall) while listening to some Spanish dude fukkn rip the steel rounds off his hollow body six string stallion then you could not be in a better place my friend. This dude died in the eighties, but you can still feel the power of his fingers while he slays Mozart and shit. You can still hear the passion pour from his soul while his eyes roll backwards in his skull during "Loyenda" and you can taste the savage salt of his tears while his guitar gently weeps on "El Testamento De Amelia" with no DBeat in sight. No throat searing vocals necessary. No one yelling "Go!" before the blasts. Just ANDRES motherfucking SEGOVIA; a Spanish dude whose appendages were at one with the motherfucking guitar. Cheers.

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UniBoehmer said...

Seriously the greatest guitarist of all time.. It sounds like there are 2 or 3 others playing with him, but no, its just one guy recording straight to lathe, one take. Incredible. Think of the concentration and talent it would take to pull that off. Check out his Chacone. shit blows my head apart everytime I hear it.