16 August 2022



If you flipped through a crate at a US punk gig in the early 2000s, then you almost certainly passed up a copy of DISASSOCIATE's second album Symbols, Signals & Noise because that thing was everywhere - I feel like I had twenty dead stock copies that I was trying (and failing) to move for $1 each. The singer was an institution in NYC, a huge physical presence that always made me feel like I was not a completely out of place dork (hint: I was) the few times I interacted with him, and the band was synonymous with the darker, hard partying side of the ABC No Rio scene. So there's your context...now let's talk about this fukkn tape. It's the six tunes from the 1993 demo, dubbed onto the A side of a copy of RDP's Brasil (DISASSOCIATE rips, but there's no excuse for eliminating a copy of Brasil), and the band sound so damn ugly - more in common with BONGZILLA and BUZZOV•EN than NYHC and that's just fine to my ears. "Body," "Smoke" and the filthy churn of "Destroy The Planet" are pure devastation, and make me want to revisit that LP I mentioned earlier...pretty sure I've still got a few copies squirreled away somewhere. 


KNessJM said...

Oh man, I just remembered downloading this from some label or distro that had put up free MP3s of all of their releases. I think the best stuff I got from there was some Burnt Cross albums.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this gem! and countless others that I probably couldn't find elsewhere, because I have drifted away from the regular use of cassettes long ago. correct me if I'm wrong, but to me (as a European) it seems like this band is criminally underrated or simply taken for granted. sure, I'm anything but well informed, but I have an impression that they are usually kinda left out when it's time for accolades. they cooked roughly from the same ingredients (except for crust) as mid 90s Brutal Truth, but to me they sound tighter, sharper, more focused. seems like they were always able to find a first class drummer who hammered out those intense and precise blast beats as if it was nothing. sounds like this demo does not have the grind element yet. but it's great anyways! I wish I could have met you when you were peddling those "symbols, signals and noise" copies for 1 USD! :) thank you for your tireless and (for the most part) thankless labor of love! keep it up please!