17 August 2022

105 LUX


Over the weekend, I got a few tapes from the folks at Music Not Noize (no new posts in several years, though most of the links are still live and you can still get lost there for hours). It's going to take months to really poke through everything, but I had never heard of 105 LUX so I popped in Przeciwko immediately. It's basically been on repeat since (so it's going to take me even longer to get through everything, it seems). Infectious early '90s Polish punk with a heavy (if inadvertent) UK anarcho influence, especially in the vocals. I ripped POLITICAL ASYLUM's Walls Have Ears collection yesterday, and I feel 105 LUX would be an excellent companion - song structures often 'too complicated' for punk, some metallic high end guitars with sung, poetic vocals. Not sure what makes vocals poetic, but once I typed the word I couldn't think of anything else, so I'm sticking with it. 105 LUX feels innocent, feels urgent, feels real - this one is going to be in regular rotation until I can track down their other two tapes. 

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Anonymous said...

That 105 LUX cassette is great (I still waiting for someone to reissue that on CD). As for tracking down their other cassettes I must warn You: is’s typical ‘’slowianski punk’’ (‘’slavic punk’’ – something like ‘’deutsche punk’’, and not the best one). Mrowa (female vocalist) joined the band later, recorded ‘’Przeciwko’’ and group disbanded year later. And that history ends here. There was also live split with PSY WOJNY called „Live Rotunda 92'’ released on 2 cassettes (but again – it was first incarnation of this band).
Links to check first cassettes: - https://youtu.be/ay6l0IRHxqA
- https://youtu.be/QpAh76wX3d0
- https://youtu.be/gM15MYFARG8 Tom