23 October 2021



Maybe you listen to Great American Cowboy and you think that the shit sounds like a passable 1990s remake of a 1950s Roy Rogers movie soundtrack. And I reply to you....is that really so bad? The history and legacy of the "American Cowboy" is surely rife with conflict and misinformation and convenient revisions and omissions, this is undeniable. But there are good people and good things mixed in with all those other things, and I'm certainly guilty of trying to sneak more enjoyment than I should out of things that maybe should be vilified more than they are. I'm not sure where SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN fall on that spectrum, but I'm definitely sure about how hearing "The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma" and "Along The Santa Fe Trail" makes me feel, so I'm just gonna cross my fingers on the rest of the shit. Because finding something pure is really rare, so you take the pleasure where you can get it. 

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