16 October 2021


Perhaps this post is only for the (few) MUDWIMIN purists, but it might also make a convert of the more inquisitive visitor. To a kid living far far away, the name MUDWIMIN stuck out in musings about the post-heyday San Francisco Bay Area punk scene/s. The name grabbed you, an all female band was still a notable thing, and they had better songs than L7 (who they always seemed to be compared to for only one reason). I had the "For A Good Time" 45 and I think I dug it, but other than that record they were always a band who existed somewhere outside my orbit - I knew who they were and got their general context.....but not much more than that. Their last LP came out right when I moved here, but I think that I would have blown it off at the time (not hard enough, not fast enough, not punk enough, etc etc etc). This session however....fucking fire. Awkward, powerful, and very fucking real sounds that act as a sonic bridge between '80s anarcho experimentation and SPITBOY. Music that never really catches a groove, sounds that are stepping over rock 'n roll (and later grunge) to get to where they want to be. Erratic and very fucking weird music dominated by completely damaged guitars...MUDWIMIN have aged extremely well. Three songs on this tape were recorded in a basement on Steiner Street 1987, and a there's version of "Jizm Skiz #1" that was recorded "in Bambi's basement at our 1st or 2nd practice..." in April 1986. Happy to have found these, and I now have the urge to dig deeper into all of the records that I've overlooked...better late than never, I suppose. 


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