22 September 2021



If you aren't already familiar with MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY then this post is going to make your head spin. I would have a hard time identifying a DIY punk band who were more all over the map than this Canadian outfit - there's classic '90s DIY hardcore, wild experimental Fripp freakouts, and there are darker MISSION OF BURMA-esque tracks like "Myomiverse" that should belong in the catalog of a band far more revered than MPA. You'll find comedic grindcore, you'll find irreverence along the lines of SCHLONG and mathy post-hardcore that makes you want to pull out the PLAID RETINA 12". Free jazz. Noisecore. PARTISANS and LED ZEPPELIN covers. COLTRANE's Om condensed to 70 seconds. There are 117 tracks on this tape....don't say I didn't warn you, but if you aren't amazed by the end then I don't know if I can help you. 


Chris Catfood said...

holy shit, listening now and my head is indeed spinning. thanks so much for ripping and posting this, 117 fucking tracks is a lot of work! i hope it was worth it for you, this was definitely worth the easy as pie downloading and subsequent listening and enjoying on my end. keep getting surprised with each short ass song that passes (pop punk stuff along with noisecore free jazz freakouts!? O-HO-HO-KAY!) it reminds me of CSSO at times, absolutely loving this. a million humble, grateful head nods to you sir

the wizard said...

A comment like this is all I need to validate the effort expended.