03 August 2021


File under "not for everyone" if you want to file W.O.O. anywhere, but they don't make bands like this anymore, and they were impossible to classify even when they did. Turn of the decade freak music, but I'm talking about the '80s --> '90s here, when funk permeated seemingly everything and the hardest punks were turning into college art rock grown ups (or maybe they were simply "growing up"). New York City's W.O.O. seem to fit nowhere on either of those spectra. A weird cover of Sinatra's "Boots" makes me wonder what it would sound like it YEAH YEAH YEAHS made the same move 25 years later. "Reno" is a(n almost) psychobilly burner. And those tracks are sandwiched between two doses of IDIOT FLESH style prog/funk, "No Hurry" is pretty weird while "Big Picture" could have found a home on the Homestead roster. I mean, this was happening in NYC while TRAGIC MULATTO were playing shows in SF, so I guess it's not that weird. You just have to listen with 1989 ears instead of 2021 ears...which is probably how you should listen to most things, just to be safe. 

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