05 September 2019


I remember how stoked we all were when we heard this demo from Max, and its hard to believe it was twenty years ago. They were tough as fukk, they were genuine, their energy was through the roof, and these edge kids were fukkn punk. It showed in the music and in the delivery, and it especially came out in the live shows. A gallop reminiscent of Japanese bands like EARTHQUAKE and REPAIR, with a positive straight edge 'core fury urging everything even faster. Also - THE REAL ENEMY had riffs. Two demos, an EP on 625, and a split (and tour) with HOLDING ON that brought them to the Bay Area where we played a couple of killer shows. I said it's hard to believe it was twenty years ago....but at the same time, it feels like a different lifetime. 


strikethematch said...

The Real Enemy was the real thing. So so so very good.

r-evolutionpunk said...