27 September 2019


Another installment in the social media exchange, this time a fierce collection of whirling destruction that slid through my mail slot a couple of weeks ago. Raise The Dead, Volume V is a drunkenly assembled mix (and it's mixed with two turntables, a nice plus....but a motherfukkr to edit) that focuses on primal, lowest common denominator death/thrash. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. BASTARD, ABSU, WAR FARE, CHAINSAW, PERVERSION, WASTELANDER, SPITE and a SLAYER slammer for good measure...mostly cranked up real high in the red, so it sounds like you're in the back corner of a crowded party even when you're alone in your kitchen. Hypothetically. Title taken from the rawest recording on the tape, VENOM's "Raise The Dead," my creator outdid themselves in the realm of filth and aggression...and I'm grateful. 

1 comment:

Wade said...

This mix is exactly what I needed! Also, I'm pretty sure I just bought a tape from you off Discogs.

Keep it up my dude!