04 September 2019


Lightning fast and unspeakably raw thrashcore, circa 2003. These New Bedford, Massachusetts kids are just relentless in approach and fury, and the home recording  only helps to put you on edge while you rage. Nine tracks, 14 minutes, rapid fire angst ridden hardcore - check "Lettin' The Hammers Blow" and hear the intensity that's missing from so many bands who set out to merely check all the boxes and recreate something that some other band already did. The New England breakdowns don't always "work," but that's kinda the charm....and the blasts are just fukkn nuts. The hollow distracting snare and clunky bass in the fasts of "Fructose Overdose" into the metallic slow mosh of "Not Dead Yet" is a perfect example of RAMPAGE setting their sights on whatever the fuck they want and just laying waste. Recording is extremely raw, so be warned....be warned that you're about to have your ass blown off. 

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