19 September 2019


OK....this one is either an extremely harsh toke or pure brilliance. There can be no middle ground. ONE EYE OPEN were most notable for splits with SCHLONG and JANITORS AGAINST APARTHEID and being on what seemed at the time like every $1 bin CD comp (including at least one with one of my bands). They can play their asses off no doubt, and their LOVE SONGS meets GREEN DAY meets SCHLONG meets MUSCLE BITCHES is actually kinda refreshing in its proficient ridiculousness....and dude, it is totally ridiculous. I don't even know why a band would want to make music like this, so I spend half of my listening time just confused....but man, when they are good, ONE EYE OPEN are great. "James Brown" turning Jim Carroll on his fukkn ear, throwing that earworm metal song into the middle of "Fred Fight" and John Cougar into their eponymous number, country twang when it's not necessary, and the chops to melt faces as on tracks "Yor Pappy's Doin' T'NA." Also included on this 36 song collection is the Boobs: The Incomplete Set EP on Too Many Records, which is the embodiment of the idiocy contained herein - 13 television theme songs crammed onto a moronic seven inch. It's so over the top that I couldn't hate it if I wanted to. And believe me...I super want to. 

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