19 February 2019


Every time I revisit SORE THROAT I find myself spending most of a day with them. After I ripped Never Mind The Napalm... over the weekend, I cranked Unhindered By Talent and Death To Capitalist Hardcore in rapid succession and marveled at their shameless approach to grinding anarcho-stench. I've heard them dismissed as noise (we can discuss the illogical reasoning that leads a person to "dismiss" something because it is "noise" some other time), but I would classify SORE THROAT as fukkn visionaries. Their approach to music, and the destruction thereof, is admirable in its simplicity and in its brutality and the tongue in cheek assault on our grim reality is manifested in those one riff, sub-30 second bursts of in(s)anity. 1989's Never Mind The Napalm.... is perhaps SORE THROAT at their most together, though both the US and UK cassette versions only include the decidedly more musical B-side of the LP's 43 tracks (compared to the 100+ track Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid LP released the same year), just an assault of guttural grind and ramshackle UK stenchcore. It's ugly and it's fierce, and it's very very desperate sounding...a sign of past and present times, perhaps. 


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