23 February 2019


Two new-to-me Japanese acts teamed up to make a likely new-to-you cassette that reminds all of us what a good idea it can be to make hardcore coexist with different sounds. GALGET's uncompromising fastcore attack is a breath of fresh air (and fellow band folks - listen to how the change the presentation of three chord riffs to make them into entirely "different" parts...far from a lazy way to make songs, I think of it as economical and kinda genius), and it just sounds like they are partying. The non-cover for MINOR THREAT's cover of that WIRE banger to close the side is perhaps and accidental harbinger of what's to come on the IKARIYA EIICHI side...a blown out screwed version of BAD BRAINS' "Leaving Babylon" and a truly bizarre non-take of "Pay To Cum." Bear in mind that this is a band who also dropped a Japanese language proto-dub psychedelic version of "(Take Me Home) Country Roads," so reinterpretations seem to be the name of the game. Good and fast meets good and weird....keep 'em coming, punks. 

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