03 February 2019


That collection I bought from Allan in Vila Velha a few years back keeps paying dividends, this time in the form of fiery femme hardcore punk. The title track has an innocent Simple Machines Records feel, while "Respeito" just bursts out of the gate and "Imperfeição" is a ramshackle burner. The recording feels live (it's not) partly because the vocals are so isolated from the rest of the band, giving her a soaring quality especially on the more melodic bits (the snare gets the same treatment, just like an improperly tweaked board recording). Pretty sure this 1998 demo is their only recording (the tracks on the French Up The Grrl: Brazil Punk Grrl Compilation come from this session), so these five songs are all you get....be grateful.

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mussorgsky said...

no, the band have a first tape, older than this one. Iy´s really rare. http://demo-tapes-brasil.blogspot.com/2013/08/sandina-dt-97-1997.html