21 February 2019


Seriously one of the un(der)heralded greats of the early '00s USHC explosion. A little more metallic than most of the shit around at the time, but it was speed picking that bridged the gap between METALLICA and Nardcore, and the attack was pure California surf/skate rage and somehow the vocal delivery always reminded me of AUS ROTTEN. Like these were the mutants who lived at the beach and on the streets....not the jocks who put on the mutant mask, you know? Listen to the call that starts the second track - "iiiiii'mmmm trapped inside a vicious cycle!!" - and you fukkn believe it. No titles on this demo, but I'm pretty sure all of the tracks were on 2001's The Hating Of The Guts LP (which holds up extremely well after almost 20 years)....and I know that all of the tracks are burners. 


Jimmy said...

One of my favourite bands of the early 00's!

shlager said...

cool! thanks