08 January 2019


Let's not mince words here, Fused is pure fukkn candy. You might not recognize the face, you might not know the name at first....but if you grew up in North America and are under the age of 65, then you've heard this motherfukkr. You might have even grown up with him. LA Law. Hill Street Blues. The A-Team. Law & Order (all of them). Motherfukkn Rockford Files. But he didn't just write the theme songs to all of those shows (and way more, *cough* Magnum P.I. *cough*), fool worked with DOLLY PARTON. Produced past prime-VAN HALEN. THE WHO wrote a song about him. And buried beneath the schlock (I mean, come on....television theme songs as a fukkn career), there are some legitimately sick orchestral/psychedelic arrangements on his lone studio release from 1975. Not surprisingly, it's like taking a guy who writes sick and catchy instrumental tracks (see: Rockford Files) and telling him to turn that into an epic full length release. Well....Mike Post did that shit. 

1) Thanks to the 5/$1 cassette box at the city center thrift store in Ajo, Arizona for this one. 
2) Tape warbles during "Overground Fusion" courtesy of life and offered here free of charge.
3) Apparently "Afternoon Of The Rhino" was, at one time, a dancefloor burner. I can see it. 
4) It's my mother's birthday. 

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